About Liberta Vacation Apartment

The property, Liberta Vacation Apartment, is located in the Horsford Hill area of Liberta in the Caribbean island of Antigua / Barbuda overlooking the tourist town of Falmouth Harbour and the historic naval port of Nelson’s Dockyard, now a designated heritage site.
It is a strategically placed property friendly to the natural environment with nature around it – agriculture and vegetation. The location is quiet and in close proximity to the national transportation route by bus to Falmouth Harbour, the local beach, and St. John’s, the capital city.
It is a three (3) bedroom apartment house each with a ceiling fan along with two (2) bathrooms.The master bedroom has a master bath with ceramic tiles along with its own patio for a panoramic view of the sea, smoke alarm, and emergency escape.The kitchen, dining, and living room are located at the front of the apartment with a side patio from the dining area for a view of the natural vegetation and the green hill side on the western side of the building. The main entrance has a small foyer that welcomes you from the front patio and the roadside.This vacation apartment has all amenities including cable television and internet services. It is fully furnished for your comfort.